Save on maintenance costs for parking machines

Good lubrication of machines is important. This also applies to parking machines, in which the right lubrication plays an important role in preventing downtime and decreasing maintenance costs. In this case study, we show how our Specialty Lubricants contribute to the operation of these parking machines.


  • Market: infrastructure
  • Used product: regular lubricants
  • Type of machinery: all parking machines with moving parts

Parking machines have mechanical parts. Often these parts get stuck using a mainstream spray can lubricant. This results in high maintenance costs and downtime of the parking machine, during which customers cannot pay. 

Solution for defective parking meters

Eurol Lube PL Spray provides “dry lubrication” of all the moving parts of the parking machine, resulting in clean and dirt free maintenance and a spectacular decrease in downtime.

Product usage: one spray can per service technician

Improvements and savings on parking meters

  • 90% less maintenance costs
  • 90% less downtime

Value of the savings and improvements of better lubrication

  • Up to € 1,000 per parking machine

Onderhoud defecte parkeerautomaten | maintenance broken parking machines