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Eurol Specialty cleaners for a clean home and work environment

18 März 2020

Especially in these times it’s important to keep your working and home environment clean. Eurol Specialty has a wide range of effective cleaners to help you. We have selected three products for you.

Eurol Swift Clean Foam Spray 
A multifunctional foam cleaner in a convenient spray can that cleans and degreases glass, plastic, metals, and other water-resistant coated surfaces. Eurol Swift Clean Foam Spray leaves no stripes or residue. Highly suitable for removing dirt on windows, doors, mirrors, carpets, furniture, doors, and car interiors. Also highly suitable for the effective cleaning of desks, remote controls, keyboards, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other screens.

Eurol Swift Clean 300 
This is a concentrated, biodegradable multifunctional cleaner with antibacterial properties. Available in a 5 and 20-litre can and a 210-litre barrel. The product remains effective even after being thinly diluted with water. The product can easily be applied with a bucket and brush or a high pressure jet. Eurol Swift Clean 300 is suitable for cleaning floors, bathrooms, machines, kitchen equipment, and sanitary facilities. This product is InS A1 certified.

Eurol Swift Clean Swipes 
Multifunctional cleaning wipes packed loose in a handy container containing 75 wipes. This disinfecting cleaner has been dermatologically tested and is safe for the skin. Eurol Swift Clean Wipes are highly suitable for quickly cleaning hands, buttons, taps, desks, workbenches, printers, payment terminals, photocopiers, doorknobs, countertops, kitchen equipment, keyboards, smartphones, and monitors. Despite their highly effective active ingredients, the wipes are still friendly for the skin. The wipe has one side for scrubbing and one side for wiping which makes it much more convenient to use when compared to conventional wipes. This product is InS A1 E2 certified.

Products are available as long as stocks last.

If you would like more information about Eurol Specialty, please contact our partners or our specialists.