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Prevention of downtime of a tunnel oven

29 Dezember 2020

Chains and bearings in a tunnel oven must be lubricated. This is often done with lubricants that are unsuitable for applications at high temperatures. The lubricants evaporate, smoke and oxidize, causing the chain or bearings in the oven to become dirty and even become carbonized resulting in wear and even breakage of the chain or bearing seizure.



Eurol Grease HY-2/102 FD HT (art. S005141) is very suitable for lubricating bearings at high temperatures. The grease does not carbonize, remains flexible and is economical in use so the bearings do not seize and costly downtime is avoided. Wear is avoided. The grease is suitable for use in the food industry (NSF H1 approval).

Eurol Chain Lube S-HT 220 FD (art. S001112) is very suitable for lubricating chains at high temperatures. The oil does not smoke or carbonize and is economical in use, so the chains do not seize or harden and costly downtime is avoided. Wear is also avoided. The chain oil is suitable for use in the food industry (NSF H1 approval). 

Improvements and savings with Eurol Specialty lubricants

The service life of the chain and bearings will more than double. The oven will also stay cleaner. Downtime is avoidedd and maintenance becomes cheaper. Production capacity can be increased. As a result, savings of an average of 25,000 euros per year can be realized, depending on the situation.