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heros sluiskil - machine bottom ashes

Reduce bearing damage in the recycling industry

Proper lubrication of machines and machine parts, such as bearings, is essential. This is also true for Heros Sluiskil, a recycling company based in the Netherlands that produces and sells secondary raw materials. In this case study, we will tell you more about how Heros Sluiskil reduces bearing damage, saves on maintenance costs and reduces machine downtime with Eurol Specialty lubricants.


  • Machine type: Conveyor belts and washing drums for bottom ashes
  • Market: Waste processing / recycling
  • Used product: Regular lithium / calcium EP 2 grease from a competing brand

In order to obtain new raw materials from bottom ashes, i.e. the residual product that remains after the incineration of household waste, Heros Sluiskil goes through a recycling process. First of all, the bottom ash is stripped of iron and plastic, as well as non-ferro metals such as copper and aluminium. What remains is the slag, small stone particles. Heros Sluiskil uses a machine (see video below) to make the slag suitable for all kinds of construction applications. This machine transports and washes the bottom ashes so that harmful substances are removed. What remains is a clean, usable residual product for usage in road construction and landfill. The bearings in this machine have to endure tough conditions as a result of penetrating moisture and contamination. Without adequate lubrication, this can result in damage and machine downtime. This not only entails maintenance costs, but also reduces the efficiency of the machine.

Solution for bearing damage due to bottom ashes

To protect the bearings and reduce bearing damage, Heros Sluiskil decided to use Eurol Grease CS-2/502-S. This Eurol Specialty lubricant with SYNGIS Technology is ideally suited for the lubrication of bearings operating under extreme conditions. Eurol Grease CS-2/502-S protects against wear, is resistant to shock loads and has excellent water resistance. In addition, the grease offers optimum protection against the highly corrosive bottom ashes.

Improvements and savings thanks to Eurol Specialty lubricants

With Eurol Grease CS-2-502-S maintenance costs are reduced, less downtime is achieved and the machine has a longer service life. Due to the improved protection of the bearings against moisture and dirt with Eurol Grease CS-2-502-S, Heros Sluiskil has virtually no broken bearings anymore. This means at least 10 fewer bearings need to be replaced each year. This leads to significant savings: Usually the replacement of an average bearing costs three man hours, on top of which are the costs of the bearing itself and of downtime of the machine.

"By lubricating with Eurol Specialty, we have virtually no broken bearings anymore. As a result, we see a large reduction in maintenance costs and costs due to machine downtime".

Jimmy Bouwman and Adrie Deij – Production & Technique at Heros Sluiskil

Value of the savings and improvements of better lubrication

The total annual savings for Heros Sluiskil will be thousands of euros.