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  • Reduce the maintenance costs and fuel consumption of woodchippers
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Reduce the maintenance costs and fuel consumption of woodchippers

Proper lubrication of machines is very important. This certainly applies to woodchippers, which must deal with difficult conditions. In this case study we show how Eurol Specialty Lubricants contribute to less downtime, less fuel consumption and better protection of the bearings in the machines at Gebr. Baars.


  • Market: contracting
  • Used product: competitive A-brand engine oil and grease
  • Type of machinery: woodchipper

Bearings in woodchippers are subjected to high loads. Without proper lubrication, this can result in damage and therefore downtime. This not only results in maintenance costs, but also reduces the efficiency of the machine. Also, these machines have a high fuel demand.

Solution for machine inefficiency

The bearings are lubricated with Eurol Grease CS-2/502-S, resulting in less friction and wear. This reduces the need for re-lubrication and allows the bearings to last longer. This prevents downtime, saves on maintenance costs and increases uptime. By adding Eurol Additive-S Engine to the engine oil, the engine also runs smoother, resulting in less fuel consumption.

Recommended product use Eurol Additive-S Engine: add approximately 5% additive to the fresh oil after an oil change.

Improvement and savings thanks to Eurol Specialty Lubricants

Eurol Grease CS-2/502-S reduces maintenance costs, reduces downtime and increases machine life. Also, with Eurol Additive-S Engine, fuel consumption per day is reduced by an average of 50L. This means that an engine can run for almost one hour longer on a single tank of fuel. This is a saving of over 7%.

Value of the savings and improvements of better lubrication