Quality is in our nature

Ground-breaking entrepreneurship and a sense of quality were the driving forces behind Johan Pfeiffer starting the independent oil brand 'Eurol' in 1977. After years of formulating lubricants the R&D department of Eurol has used its tribology experience to develop our own and unique Eurol SYNGIS Technology. This technology is a synergetic combination of the latest additives and when combined with synthetic base oils and thickeners it provides the lowest possible friction and superior anti corrosion properties for our range of industrial specialty lubricants. Lubricants are also available in biodegradable grades and grades for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Our Eurol SYNGIS Technology, flexible attitude, world wide fast deliveries and possibility of development of customer specific products enable our customers to improve their production process or operation by drastically and sustainably saving energy, increasing production capacity and lowering maintenance costs.

Eurol has been ISO 9001 certified since 1 March 1995. With this certification we are able to structure and maintain the consistency of our business processes. This allows us to achieve continuous growth without risk to quality or continuity. We have obtained ISO 14001 environmental management certification in May 2018, which ensures that our environment and sustainability policies are of the same high quality. We are also ISO 21469 certified since October 2019, which means that we comply with the internationally recognised standard for hygiene requirements for oil and lubricants with occasional food contact. In addition, Eurol obtained the Halal certificate in December 2019, which shows that Eurol Specialty lubricants can also be used by food companies where food products are produced under the Halal quality mark.