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Van den Boogaard

Less maintenance downtime


Market  : Transport en heavy duty
Product use  : Eurol Specialty Grease CS-2/103-S & Eurol Specialty CS-2/502-S
Type  : Truckload cranes, recovery vehicles,
aerial platforms
Product type  : Grease

Description of problem

Van den Boogaard is specialized in transport, heavy salvage, and crane rental. The equipment, including truck mounted cranes, must be available day and night under all circumstances. Previously Van den Boogaard used teflon lubrication. Due to the limited adhesion and leakage of the oil from the Teflon grease, the equipment had to be lubricated very often. And on top of that, oil marks and stains appeared on the equipment.


Since 2019, Van den Boogaard is using Eurol Specialty Grease CS-2/103-S for the sliding parts of the machines and Eurol Specialty CS-2/502-S for the hydraulic cylinders for among 17 truck-mounted cranes. Lubrication maintenance is now performed once every three months, where previously it was every two weeks. This saves on lubricants and reduces maintenance on the machines. This means less downtime of the cranes and because of that more time and availability for equipment and staff.

Customer testimonial

Niels Struik, Workshop Manager, Van den Boogaard Beverwijk: "In addition to the reduced frequency of lubrication, a significant reduction in the amount of lubricant required has also been achieved. The total annual savings thanks to the use of Eurol Specialty lubricants runs into thousands of euros."


Crane lubrication  : 600% longer lubrication interval 
(from 2 weeks to 12 weeks) 
Less downtime due to maintence
Increased availability of equipment and staff


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