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  • No more bearing damage and downtime at John Deere, via Kraakman
No more bearing damage and downtime at John Deere, via Kraakman

No more bearing damage and downtime at John Deere, via Kraakman

07 July 2022

Kraakman, a John Deere dealer and specialist in agricultural, garden, and park machines, utilizes Eurol Specialty products to address an issue of premature part failure in the John Deere 8500i forage harvester. This problem previously caused downtime, loss of income, and repair expenses. However, thanks to the implementation of specialty lubricants, this concern has been resolved.

During the maize season, the crusher bearings and cage bearings of the forage harvester endure significant stress. To prevent the infiltration of unwanted substances and residues, the lubrication frequency is kept relatively high. Unfortunately, premature wear occurs, evident from changes in the grease color and oxidation.

In response, Kraakman recently made a switch to Eurol Grease CS-2/103S with SYNGIS Technology. This high-performance grease is specifically designed for use in demanding conditions like those encountered by a forage harvester. Kraakman has observed that this lubricating grease exhibits reduced oil bleeding, resulting in improved adherence. The application of these specialty products to the chipper has yielded advantages such as decreased downtime, lower costs, and enhanced management.

Dave Nelissen, workshop chief at Kraakman, shares his positive experiences with Eurol Specialty lubricants, stating, "Eurol Grease CS-2/103S possesses remarkable pressure-absorbing and dirt-absorbing capabilities, high water resistance for corrosion prevention, and a wide temperature range. The initial results have been favorable, and the durability of the equipment has increased. This aligns with our goals."