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Reducing grease use at grapples Riwald


Market  : Industry
Product use  : Eurol Grease CS-2/103-S
Type  : Grapples on cranes
Product type  : Grease

Description of old situation

At Riwald Recycling in Almelo, a lot of work is done with grabs on cranes. The cranes and grabs rotate all day long and an extreme amount of force is put on the moving parts. If no proper lubrication or the right product is used, corrosion and wear will occur, ultimately resulting in damage to the grab of the crane.


By properly lubricating grabs and cranes from day one with Eurol Grease CS-2/103-S, Riwald Recycling prevents downtime for the cranes and saves on repair costs. All bearings and pin-bush connections are lubricated with this grease via a central lubrication system.

Customer testimonial

Bart van Kessel, Business Manager Riwald Recycling: "We have good experiences with this grease and have been using the CS-2/103-S since 2018. We lubricate certain lubrication points by hand every day, we do this with the grease gun. We only need to apply one squeeze of grease and then the part is already well lubricated. We used to use a different grease but it dried out very quickly so we no longer had any lubrication. With the Eurol Specialty grease this will not happen. This grease stays neatly intact despite the hard conditions."


Savings on grease use  : 33%
Used to apply 3 times a day, now only
1 time a day
By reducing wear and
corrosion longer life of grapples
Less downtime and maintenance

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