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Paraboolveren case

Savings on parabolic springs at Scania


Market  : Transport en heavy duty
Product use  : Eurol Specialty Grease CS-2/501
Type  : Parabolic springs
Product type  : Grease

Description of old situation

Many trucks are equipped with parabolic springs. The ends of the springs are lubricated for articulation. The radiant heat from regenerating the DPF in the exhaust makes the mechanism very hot. Regular grease dries out and becomes hard. The oil runs out of the regular grease due to the extreme heat. This can be seen by the oil spots and accumulation of dirt around the pivot point. The result is that the parabolic spring gets stuck and breaks when subjected to an impact load.


Eurol Specialty Grease CS-2/501 leaks less to no oil and therefore will not dry out. The pivot point remains movable due to the CS-2/501 grease and prevents the parabolic springs from breaking during shock loading. This increases the trucks' operational reliability and reduces unnecessary downtime.

Customer testimonial

Remko van Keulen, Director at Garage Rinsma in Berlikum and Drachten: "As a transport company you can calculate how much this is going to save you. We find it very important that our partner comes up with a solution for our problem. Eurol supports us very well and also the products are delivered quickly."


Virtually no more spring breakage
Less downtime
Increased operational safety of the trucks

(old situation: the oil runs out of the regular

grease because of the extreme heat)

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