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Specialty dealer of the year: Valtec

Specialty dealer of the year: Valtec

15 March 2023

Valtec has again been named Specialty dealer of the year. Specialty Account Manager Raymond Welters presented the award.

Eurol Specialty works with an international network of dealers to optimally demonstrate and sell the products. Every year these dealers participate in the 'Specialty Dealer of the year award'. This award went to our distributor in Romania again this year.

The Eurol Specialty range solves problems and provides savings for our customers in maintenance. This fits in the current strategy of Valtec of not only being just a lubricant supplier but also to provide the best solutions and technical consultancy to

Romania, says; “Since we start we Eurol Specialty 3,5 years ago we gained 385 new (satisfied ) customers, for us Eurol Specialty is the innovation tool for the future. Customers are telling me that the product price is not important the solution is. Better performing products are sustainable and provide important savings for our customers  and improve production capacity “.