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Twan van Gendt World Champion BMX with support of Eurol Specialty

29 julio 2019

Twan van Gendt of Team Oegema TVE has won the world title BMX in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. The 27-year-old saw his main rivals fall in the final and was able to cross the line with a big lead. This makes Twan the second biker to become world champion with the support of Eurol Specialty Lubricants. 

Last year Laura Smulders won the World Championship as a member of Team Oegema TVE. Laura then left the team, while Twan van Gendt made the switch to this successful team that is trained by Martijn Jaspers.

Martijn Jaspers, trainer & coach about his experience with Eurol: “In top sport it’s all about the details when you want to perform excellently. The use of the right lubricants is important. We have experienced that Eurol Specialty products ensure optimum lubrication at the highest level.”

The connection between Eurol and Team Oegema TVE started in 2018. An important goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. The team is at the forefront of the individual, personal approach in training and coaching under the leadership of Martijn Jaspers. This approach is characterized by a scientific and analytical view that is still quite unique within the BMX, also worldwide.