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Eurol Specialty introduces Safe Clean product line

24 Março 2020

Eurol Specialty Lubricants is introducing the ‘Safe Clean Range’, a product line of powerful cleaners that are kinder to the environment than conventional cleaning products. The product line consists of two existing cleaners with an improved formulation, and the Eurol Safe Clean Brake: a brake cleaner that is safer for users and eco-friendlier. 

‘The development of the “Safe Clean” product line perfectly embodies Eurol Specialty Lubricants’ promise to offer sustainable, high-performance solutions that improve operations and, ultimately, save costs,’ explains Bart van Hoorn, Business Manager Specialty Lubricants. ‘The Safe Clean Brake is a new showpiece. We noticed how many groups of people perform their day-to-day tasks with conventional brake cleaners, but these have been developed with harmful substances such as acetone and petroleum ether. We now offer a brake cleaner that works better than conventional brake cleaners, but which is eco-friendlier, safer for the user, and more efficient. This makes the Eurol Safe Clean Brake the solution for anyone who is committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) but still wants a top-quality product.’

The Eurol Safe Clean Brake is available under item number S007000AER in a convenient 400-ml aerosol can. The product's major benefits are:

  • More efficient – the brake cleaner evaporates less quickly
  • Better performance – packs a punch and dissolves pollution more effectively
  • Safer to use – not classified as harmful to the skin, organs, and central nervous system
  • Eco-friendlier – not classified as environmentally hazardous
  • In line with the ‘Working safely with hazardous substances’ programme of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) 

In addition, the Safe Clean Range contains two existing Specialty cleaners with an improved formulation:

    • S007700 Eurol Safe Clean Solve, available in a 5-litre and 20-litre pack. Previously, this product was available under number and name S007121 Eurol Swift Clean 200 ECO
    • S007710 Eurol Safe Clean Aqua, available in a 5-litre and 20-litre pack. Previously, this product was available under the number and name S007123 Eurol Swift Clean 210 ECO